Airport Lighting

Airport Lighting

Airport Lighting

Airport Lighting System

Runway Edge Lights - white lights located just beyond the edge of the runways surface

Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) - a pair of synchronized flashing lights located on each side of the runway threshold

Runway Centerline Lights - are embedded lights, 50 feet apart, in the centerline of runways

Visual Approach Slope Indicator Lights (VASI) - to assist pilots in maintaining a typical glide path to the touchdown area of the runway

Approach Lighting System (ALS) - transitioning from instrument flight to visual cues

Runway Threshold Lights - a row of green lights that identify the landing threshold

Touchdown Zone Lighting (TDZL) - to indicate the landing area when landing

Taxiway Centerline Lead Off-On Lights - visual guidance to pilots exiting-entering the runway

Taxiway Edge Lights - outline the edges of taxiways around the airport

Taxiway Centerline Lights - steady burning green lights located along the taxiway centerline

Runway Guard Lights - off to the sides of the taxiway, or a line of embedded yellow lights in the pavement

Stop Bar Lights - a row of red, unidirectional, steady-burning in-pavement lights installed across the entire taxiway at the runway holding position

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