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Presentation of Medium Intensity Obstruction light from Linterk

26, Nov. 2021

Presentation of obstruction lights made by Linterk

Presentation of Medium Intensity Obstruction light from Linterk

1, The base is molded by precision die-casting, high dimensional accuracy, good thermal conductivity, surface electrostatic powder spraying signal yellow, anti-vibration, corrosion resistance.

2, The lampshade uses Bayer optical grade anti-UV PC material, light transmission of more than 90%, flame retardant grade UL94V-2, with good toughness, anti-cracking, cracking, UV resistance, impact resistance, no discoloration and yellowing.

3, Using LED with high efficiency, low power consumption, long life, high brightness LED cold light source, through professional software simulation analysis design, to ensure that the light chromaticity and beam distribution in line with standard requirements.

4, Reflector using plating special ABS material injection molding, dimensional stability, high strength, high temperature resistance up to 110 ℃, strong adhesion of vacuum coating, uniform coating, light reflectivity up to 93% or more.

5, The sealing ring is molded with silicone, which has high elasticity, high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance and deformation resistance, and is designed with multi-line sealing structure and sufficient compression volume to avoid processing and assembly tolerances affecting the sealing effect and keeping the waterproof grade of IP68 for a long time.

6, optical sensors selected in line with the natural light spectrum curve of light control, can quickly and accurately detect changes in the surrounding environment, adjust the working state of the lamps.

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